It’s Meatless Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Since we just celebrated Cinco de Mayo last week I wanted to share a delicious Cuban recipe using Kellogg’s brand MorningStar Farm products to make it meatless!  Cuban Black Bean and Sausage Soup Recipe The flavors of Cuba abound in this hearty soup of Morningstar Farms® Hot & spicy Veggie Sausage Patties, black beans, tomatoes and […]

Hello Sunshine!!

We may not realize it, but sunshine is one of the most important things we need for good health.  Sunshine helps our body produce vitamin D, which helps with our body absorbing other nutrients that we get from our diet.    I don’t know about you, but I always feel sluggish after being cooped up in […]

Get more veggies with V8 Variety

Want to get more vegetables into your diet but aren’t sure how? Try the NEW V8 Variety! 7 out of 10 adults don’t get the recommended amount of vegetables that are necessary for a balanced diet. So how many servings should you be taking in? 5, yes, 5 servings of vegetables a day! Luckily with […]

Happy Mother’s Day!!

The origins of Mother’s Day has been around since the Greeks and Romans. They celebrated a Mothering Day, as motherhood was the most important thing that a woman could accomplish in her lifetime. Becoming a mother defined a woman, more than any social standing or wealth could ever have done. But the Mother’s Day we […]

Find NABISCO Recipes On Pinterest

Do you ever want an oreo but in frosting form? Or maybe even nutter butters but as cupcakes!? Now you can find the yummiest recipes all on Pinterest. The best part is that you don’t have to follow anything, you can end up creating your own designs, taste, colors, and creations. This is especially fun […]

On the Banks of Plum Creek – Week 2

Laura and her family are finally getting settled in their new home, and trying to adjust to the new weather that is sweeping through the Prairie. It is called “Grasshopper Weather” and it is a very hot and balmy kind of heat. Thanksgiving sweeps in with warmer weather, and the thoughts of the family turn […]

The Forgotten Garden – Week 2

Nell has gone back looking for more clues to her past. She knows small fragments, but not enough to put it all together. Who was Eliza Makepeace? How does she figure in to the disappearance of a young girl? Fast forwarding to Cassandra and her own investigation into her grandmothers past, she is finding some […]

Fizzy FUN with Barefoot Refresh SUMMER Red!

Happy FUNDAY Friday MMS family! What are EVERYONES plans for the weekend? OH wait it is Mother’s Day! You know MOM’s ALWAYS love some WINE. Let’s have some FIZZY fun with BAREFOOT REFRESH. This SUMMER RED will get you in the SUMMER MOOD with its dynamic blend of Pinot Noir Rose and Moscato, the perfect […]

Clean Up Your Room Day, May 10th

This year Mother’s Day is sharing the day with a fun and cute “day” that will make all Mother’s happy. Clean Up Your Room Day is also Sunday May 10th, and what better way to make your mother happy then by cleaning up your room!! Now although my son is just shy of 2 years […]


CASE LOT MAY! IS YOUR COMMISSARY LISTED?! Aberdeen PG: May 14-17 Air Force Academy: May 29-30 Albany MCLB: May 14-16 Anchorage Area: May 15-17 Andrews AFB: May 29-31 Barksdale AFB: May 15-17 Bremerton NBK: May 15-17 Camp Lejeune MCB: May 28-30 Camp Merrill: May 28-30 Camp Pendleton MCB: May 14-17 Cannon AFB: May 16-17 Charleston […]