The Beloved Beverage From Dr. Pepper Snapple

The Beloved Beverage from  is only good with anything and everything! We love them after supper time or with our favorite cookies, which we found right here on the MyMilitarySavings Recipe’s Page!  Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal Raisin Cookies From a mom’s perspective, Yoo-Hoo is a great drink to keep in the car for long […]

Hot Deal On El Monterey Taquitos!!

How many Soccer and Baseball Moms do we have out there? How many are feeling like their freezer is always empty and their players are hungry for more?  Well have I got the DEAL for you!! El Monterey Taquitos in 3 AMAZING flavors are only $2 a box after coupons for just a little while […]

February Scavenger Hunt Rules

This month MyMilitarySavings will be hosting the February Scavenger Hunt! There will be one winner chosen at random…that winner will win a $25 COMMISSARY GIFT CARD! Not sure how to join the fun?  Here’s how: 1.      Make sure you’re a member of MyMilitarySavings. It’s FREE!   2.    Be on the lookout for ALL the February Scavenger Hunt questions!  The questions will be […]

Wishing you the HAPPIEST Valentine’s Day with Apothic RED!!

HAPPY FUNDAY FRIDAY!! Let’s celebrate FUNDAY Friday with a GREAT RED WINE!!  LOVE IS IN THE AIR!! This wine was stirred by the “Apotheca” a mysterious place where wine was blended and stored in the 13th century Europe. Apothic Red has flavors of black cherry, vanilla and mocha; it is ALSO blended with rich Zinfandel, […]

Valentine’s Day With Campbell’s Kitchen

“Forget flowers and frills. Homemade Valentine’s treats are the sweetest ways to say, “I love you.” This year, charm your sweetheart with delicacies from the kitchen—you’re sure to win their heart with anything you make yourself! Romantic Appetizers The smallest gestures can mean the most. Treat your loved one to these savory bites that are […]

Let’s Get Ready for Mardi Gras

Are you ready? Are you ready to “Laissez le bon temps rouler?!” Tuesday is Mardi Gras, “Fat Tuesday.” The Lenten season begins on Wednesday and will continue for 40 days until the celebration of Easter.  Today I’m sharing with you two crafts of Mardi Gras past and fun ideas to enjoy during the pre-Lenten celebration.  The colors of Mardi […]

Get Your Ducks In a Row!!

So, I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant and my husband just left for Ranger School and won’t be back till after the birth.  It totally stinks, but thankfully I have a toddler to help keep me busy or else I would GO CRAZY! The truth is, it’s not him being gone that is extremely hard…it’s the […]

Sweets for Your Sweet -Hershey’s

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Have you picked up sweets for your sweet?! Hershey’s is saving you this Valentine’s Day! Head out to your local commissary or exchange and pick up some Hershey’s Kisses!  You’ll find a great variety of the Hershey’s Kisses. Have you tried the Hershey’s Kisses Cheesecake Truffle??  And don’t forget to […]

Vegan On A Budget: Accidental Vegan Junk Foods

Ever think “but I don’t feel like baking/cooking!”. Not to worry, we all do. As much as I love creating something from scratch, there are days (like today) that I just want to crack open a bag and munch.  Here is a list of accidental Vegan foods. Its not a complete list, but its a […]

Snacks on the Go!? Del Monte has you covered!!

Check out this awesome deal on Fruit To Go by DEL MONTE. These easy to pack snacks make great additions to both lunches and diaper bags, and are a huge hit with kids of all ages. Stop by the commissary and stock up on these awesome products today! Comments