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Financial Terms Everyone Should Know – Fixed & Variable Expenses

There are two types of expenses that we encounter. Fixed expenses are expenses that stay the same from month to month and rarely change. Examples include rent/mortgage, car and other consumer loan payments, streaming services, and cell phone plans.

Variable expenses change from month-to-month such as groceries, utility bills, and entertainment. Both types of expenses need to be planned for and managed.

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Charlie Marlow

With over 22 years of active-duty Air Force experience in military pay and travel entitlements, Charlie Marlow brings his extensive knowledge of military finance with his passion to help others reach their financial goals through common sense financial practices. Charlie holds a BS in Business Finance from Liberty University, is an Accredited Financial Counselor®, a Dave Ramsey trained Financial Coach, and co-founder, administrator, and frequent contributor to the Facebook group Military Money Matters. He still supports the Air Force and DoD as a contractor budget analyst at the Pentagon. When not writing or helping others create a personal financial plan, you can find him cycling around the National Capitol Region or enjoying classic TV shows.

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