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Click Here for United States Navy Retired Rear Admiral Robert J. Bianchi.

Starting as early as this month (November 2017), Retired Rear Admiral Robert J. Bianchi is going to be the interim Director and Chief Executive Officer for our Military’s Defense Agency Commissary.  Interim in this instance means for a provisional or temporary period of time.  Bianchi, has a long history of stepping up and helping out whenever he is needed; something that his retirement has not seemed to have affected nor changed this characteristic of his in the slightest bit.

In an announcement made back in late October of this year,Ms. Stephanie Barna, Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) stated that,  “I am pleased to announce we are bringing on board an interim Director and Chief Executive Officer who will bring contemporary resale expertise to DeCA, someone who is no stranger to this community. This is not an assignment that Rob sought out; rather, as he has so many times in his career, when asked, he agreed to step up to the challenge.”

Ms. Barna went on to say that Retired Rear Admiral Bianchi brings with him a wealth of experience, that was gained at the helm of the multi-billion dollar worldwide Navy Exchange operation. Bianchi’s career has shows strong dedication to the needs of the Military Service Members in addition to their families, with an unwavering commitment to the needs of the mission on all levels.

Bianchi has an extensive history dealing with things that range from inventory control points, logistics and material readiness, supply as well as mixed with retail experience that have and continue to span his career both from his Military Service days and now into his Federal Civil Servant career days.

It has been reported that Retired Real Admiral Robert J. Bianchi will also be reaching out to customers and within the industry for feedback.   We can expect to see great things, I imagine when it comes to bringing our Defense Agency Commissary into the twenty-first century.