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Back-To-School and On-The-Go with Nabisco

Can you believe back-to-school is practically here? My oldest is slated to start Kindergarten in the fall, and we are in limbo not knowing what will become of this school year. But whether it is behind a desk or at our kitchen table, I know our family will be on-the-go with pickups/drop-offs, social-distanced after school activities, and so much more. Our pantry is stocked with Nabisco treats and I am prepared to embrace our “new normal” with these super convenient snacks that will keep my kids happy (and hopefully out of my hair for 5 minutes or so).


My daughter has asked to have “delicious snacks” in her lunchbox when she heads back to school. I tried explaining that school may be happening at home, but she insisted that having a cool lunchbox with great snacks is a must. So, when she saw the snack pack of Ritz Bits at the Commissary, she had to have them in her lunchbox. She says she is going to be the most popular kid in class because everyone will want her snacks (even if her only classmate is her brother).


The Oreo Mini, Chips Ahoy, and NutterButter packs are a big hit with my youngest daughter. She is definitely my little snacker and loves her cookies. Lucky for me, these are the perfect size for her little hands and are packed in the perfect single serving size. Plus the convenient snack bag helps to cut down the mess in my car as we are traveling from school, dance, and soccer.



My son loves everything peanut butter and Ritz Peanut Butter Crackers are his go-to munch pack for the afternoon. He especially loves them as a pick-me-up before soccer practice. I think he is more excited about the fact that he can just run into the pantry and grab his own pack of crackers without having Momma or Daddy get them for him (Mr. Independent).



The biggest kid of all in this house (aka my husband) is not a fan of cereal or having to make anything in the morning. He is always running out the door for work, and finding something to snack on in the morning is always a challenge. So for him, I always have BelVita Snack Packs. Pair this with a travel mug of his favorite coffee and he is out the door a happy camper. Plus he can always grab an extra pack to keep in the car for an afternoon snack (which you know we all need that extra 3 PM boost).



So if you are looking for snack ideas for your busy, back-to-school lifestyle, I highly recommend grabbing some of these Nabisco snack packs. They will make your time running around so much easier and keep your kids (and spouses) happy. So grab your facemask, and head down to your local Commissary to buy some today!


Be sure to check out www.NabiscoMilitary.com for special deals and delicious recipes you can’t miss!