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Brownies and Cream Cheese Delight

With the holiday overload that we are about to undergo, it is hard to come up with things that you can give your guests that they have not had a million times. This year I decided to try something totally off the wall. Brownies are life in this house. We love them. You can make them so many different ways, but I wanted this one to pair with coffee or tea for an afternoon treat. The drawing board came out, and the treats went into the oven. DEMOLISHED!  Oh my goodness! This paired with my coffee perfectly! Of course, kiddos cannot have coffee, but some hot apple cider is just as good.

So I got creative. Searching through sites, most recipes had a gazillion items that were needed, so I figured we would just go basic. Total complete 100% easy. The idea hit me as I was stocking up on Cream Cheese for several of the dishes that I am going to be putting together for Thanksgiving.

Here is what you need:

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  1. Make brownies as shown on the back of the box
  2. While the brownies are cooking, let your Cream Cheese warm to room temperature
  3. While the brownies are cooling on the stove, put your Cream Cheese into a microwave safe dish, and zap for 30 seconds in the microwave
  4. Stir well and apply to the top of the brownies
  5. Put the brownies into the fridge to allow them to completely cool, and the Cream Cheese to set

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I let my dish set in the fridge for about three hours before we cut into it. It was perfect! It was a great way to end our crazy day, and just enjoy a little treat. This recipe is one that I can use as a go to for many occasions to come! You can use cookie cutters and make fun designs, or just use the simple squares. Share your versions with us!


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