MMS book club

Good day dear readers! Summer is moving closer, and May is moving quickly. I am having trouble thinking of what to plan for the summer! There are so many fantastic reads, and so little time to read them all in! I am reading in every spare minute I can find, but sometimes I feel as […]

No more DISHES!

SUMMER TIME IS HERE! It’s May, that means it’s time for schools to let out for the summer, pools to open, vacations to be planned, late nights by the fire pit making s’mores, enjoying a drink with family and friends, and all around relaxing. Spring cleaning is just about done, minus purging items in a […]

Memorial day is around the corner and that means summer is heeeeeeere!! The sun is shining and we are all planning vacations and family time! Many of us are worried about that summer bod, but what about that summer face?! The heat and humidity can really take a toll on us….. extra sweat, sun rays, […]