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Centrum Savings New Items

Don’t Miss these NEW Items From Centrum!

For many years, Centrum has been providing a wide array of multivitamins. Adults have benefitted from the many nutrients that are found in these vitamins. Many of us have used these vitamins for years, and many doctors recommend them. Centrum has continued providing the best, and now is no different! 

Right now at your local commissary you can find these BRAND NEW items from Centrum! There are FOUR new items hitting stores. They are:

  • Mini’s 50+ Men (160 count)
  • Mini’s 50+ Women (160 count)
  • Benefits Immune Digestive Support (50 count)
  • Benefits Movement & Strength (50 count)

I am so excited about the Movement & Strength! Centrum has continually provided the nutrients my body needs, and now, they are targeting new areas! As always, check with your doctor if you have any questions.

Be sure to check the shelves at your commissary for these new items! Before heading to the commissary, check the GSK page for more great deals and savings.