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Immunity Boost with a POP!

One of my favorite candies growing up was Pop Rocks. I loved the anticipation and excitement the popping in my mouth brought on! Now, I get to relive that childhood nostalgia as an adult while boosting my immune system!!! Sounds crazy, right? It’s not with the NEW Emergen-C Crystals coming to your local Commissary

The best part is that no water is needed. Just rip, tip, and pour the packet of crystals into your mouth, and the popping sensation will begin. This will give your immune system the boost it needs with antioxidants and high-potency vitamins C and B!

So “pop” over to your local Commissary and grab the NEW Emergen-C crystals. 

Emergen-C Crystals On The Go – Strawberry, 28 count, $6.75

Emergen-C Crystals On The Go – Orange, 28 count, $6.75

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