Twin Cheese Dip with Coca-Cola

This Twin Cheese Dip is delicious, and adding Coca-Cola to it just kicks it up to a whole new level! Every weekend, we have people over for some reason or another, so I am always looking for something tasty to put out for people to snack on. This time, I found this amazing Twin Cheese […]

Irish Porridge Strawberries Vanilla

Do you struggle with getting enough fiber in your diet? I do! I know that I don’t get as much as I should each day. Benefiber makes it easy and delicious to up your fiber intake. Who says fiber has to be boring!? With this Irish Porridge with Strawberries and Vanilla recipe, you’ll get the fiber […]

Neutrogena Hot Deals NEX

Each year, women buy and use their favorite Neutrogena makeup items. If you are like me, you tend to use these items until they are completely gone. However, recently, I developed an infection just under the lid of my eye. After visiting with the doctor, it was determined that some of the make-up that I […]