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Chocolate Caramel Poke Cake!

Happy Foodie Friday MMS Fans!

This Foodie Friday, I am coming ‘atcha with my husband’s all-time favorite cake! He just found out he picked up SSG, so I celebrated with his favorite dessert! This chocolate and caramel poke cake is super delicious, not too rich and has layers of yumminess! Combining two of our favorite go-to brands, Kraft and Betty Crocker, this cake is a crowd pleaser and insanely simple to make.

Grab your two essentials:

with a few more ingredients:

**items for the box cake (eggs and oil)

**12 ounce jar of caramel topping

**1 14ounce can of sweet condensed milk

**one package of Heath baking topping

THAT’S IT! That’s how easy of a cake this is, the ingredient list is small! OK, you ready? Prepare the Betty Crocker cake as directed on the package, and let cool for about 20-30 minutes. We choose a german chocolate cake, but you can use any flavor of chocolate cake. You want the cake to be completely cool so that the layers don’t just seep to the bottom but will be tasted throughout the cake. Once cooled, poke the cake! I use the end of a wooden spoon and make about 12-13 holes give or take, I eyeball it and distribute the holes throughout the cooled cake. Then layer it up! One layer of your sweet condensed milk, make sure it is getting in those poke holes. Then layer your caramel topping, again making sure they go in the holes. Now for the finishing touches, layer on your Kraft Cool Whip like you are icing a regular cake! Top it off with the delicious milk chocolate english toffee bits and you just elevated your regular cake to an EPIC cake!

Serve and Enjoy! Be sure to cover it in an airtight container IF there is some left over so the cake doesn’t harden and keeps its delicious flavor!

Stay tuned next Friday for another Fun Foodie Friday! Any specific recipe you want to try but haven’t, or maybe just want to see something specific like dinner or lunch idea….comment and let us know!