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Commissary and The Pandemic

Times are scary, even grocery shopping seems daunting in the era of Covid-19. Thankfully, for us, the Commissary has stepped up and put their patrons (that’s us) and their workers safety and health at the utmost importance.

Since my husband is still essential and goes into work, he is the one we send to go grocery shopping and he has been very pleased with all the precautions The Commissary is doing to keep everyone safe, even in times of panic and uncertainty.

Before I go into the changes going on, I want to say THANK YOU to all those that still make it possible to shop at our Commissaries!!!

Here are some of the things The Commissary * has implemented :

-100% Military I.D. check, no one enters in unless you have one

-Hand sanitizer is given upon entering

-No outside reusable bags

-Medical Grade Thermal readings (not at all Commissaries)

-No more Early bird shopping

-Plexi-glass at the Cashiers

-Masks must be worn and will not be able to enter without one

-They strongly encourage patrons to use debit/credit cards as cash exchange may be limited


For more information you can visit https://www.commissaries.com/coronavirus

I would highly recommend calling your Commissary before you go for hours and changes…which you can find on our website under Bases 🙂

Thank you again, to all those that still make it possible to shop at our Commissaries!!!

*Some Commissaries may have different rules or procedures depending at each individual base.


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