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Get ready for those BACK YARD PUNCHES!

Hello MMS! The weather ALL around the world is rather CRAZY right now!! Hurricanes are really destroying some states. I am thinking of all my family and friends in my home state of Florida. I have been watching this hurricane tracker all day trying to encourage some of my family members to GET OUT. I hope everyone that wanted to evacuate did and if you decided to ride the storm, PLEASE be safe.
Considering all the unfortunate weather, we need to think about some good things that come out of this, being with family and friends is one.
I have friends ALL over my timeline having parties with lots of food and drinks. Often times, many people look forward to weather like this so they can have “HURRICANE PARTIES.”
My friends know that I am a blogger and I am always searching for cocktails for special occasions. So, because of this, some of my friends asked me to send them some drink recipes suitable for times like this.
I searched around and found the perfect drink name….”BACK YARD PUNCHES.” Irma is getting ready to give FLORIDA some BACK YARD PUNCHES! I hope and pray that everyone is prepared.

Here is a cocktail for this occasion….while you are sitting in the house riding out this HURRICANE you might as well make it a little celebration and SIP on a little something.

1.5 cups of SMIRNOFF Raspberry
3 cups of Lemonade
3 cups of Iced Tea
Serves 8
Mix and Enjoy!

Smirnoff Raspberry is also a versatile spirit that you can drink on the rocks, chilled or even straight up. There are also many other things that you can mix this spirit with. Smirnoff Raspberry is rich and full-bodied. It complements everything well, including food, other mixers and most importantly, this occasion. Stay safe all my FLORIDANS!!


You can also get other drink recipes for SMIRNOFF from WWW.DIAGEOMILITARY.COM