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Be Prepared for anything with BIC

STORM SEASON. We all have different storms in our different area’s. Some places are more prone to tornadoes in the spring and fall, while others are entering Hurricane season, and tropical storms. While we prepare for Hurricane Irma and Jose, and continue cleanup from Hurricane Harvey, we begin to think about the stocking up and stock pile areas. I don’t know about ya’ll, but I keep a small stock pile year around, for those just in case scenario’s. Small bag packed, a little bit of money tucked in the front flap, and of course those goods that don’t go bad. Board games, cards, candle’s and foods that can be used if we are out of power are a must. Matches are something that I can never keep in the house, but being a recovering smoker (okay, attempting to be a recovering smoker), lighters are something that are never in short supply. I keep them on hand all year round.

When I started researching the weather in our new state, I got the “you might want these items” for just in case. No problems!! BIC has some awesome savings on lighters right now, and these things last FOREVER! I bought four packages to put into my kit, knowing that I would be set for at least two years. It is recommended to check them out from time to time, as when they get to old, they don’t work as well.

Right now through 30 September 2017, you can grab these awesome deals at your local commissary! Smoker or non-smoker, it does not matter! Lighters have an almost every day use in our house! Snag a thread on something? Burn the ends. Craft projects, birthday candles, regular candles, camp stoves, lanterns… you get the idea! There are probably some uses that I have not figured out to use them for yet! Whether you prefer a regular lighter or a longer neck lighter, the commissary has you covered! Check them out now! Ditch the matches, Flick your BIC!!