The Big Game is coming quick and since I usually host a small get together I wanted to find a delicious chicken wing recipe that everyone would love! I hopped over to and found an amazing recipe called Ginger Coca-Cola Chicken Wings. We are wing lovers in this house and I love to make […]

The winter months are a rough time in my house (and probably for most people’s households). Between asthma, colds, and runny noses, someone is always getting sick. I am a teacher, so I don’t have to be out sick. Time away from students is something I try and avoid at all cost. That is why […]

Say Goodbye to Cedar With ALLEGRA

Every year, throughout the year we are hit with all kinds of allergens, including the dreaded mountain cedar.  However, this winter, Mountain Cedar came in with a bang and tried to knock the whole family down! Walking around everyone is sneezing, having watery eyes, and really letting the Cedar get the best of them.  Luckily, […]