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Make those school lunches HEALTHY!

Let’s take a few minutes and talk school lunches. They can be forever hard to put together, and half the time kids don’t like what you put in there. As a parent, you have their best interest at heart, but making healthy lunches fun can be a giant task. My kids used to bring home half eaten lunches because they did not like some of the choices I put in there. Never mind that they would eat it at home, but it wasn’t “cool” to have in their lunch pail.

Since I was put in the hot seat of trying to figure out the best approach to sneak in some “cool” healthy lunches, I went roaming through the commissary aisles looking for some inspiration. I stumbled across these awesome fruit cups from Del Monte. So I took a chance and stocked up! They were PERFECT!!  I added them into their lunches the next day, and they were demolished! Not only did they disappear from the lunchboxes, but they are disappearing from my cupboards too! Whether you are using them for school lunches or after school snacks, you can feel good knowing that you are feeding their brains great foods, and not giving them excess junk that their little growing bodies do not need.

So we know kids approve – now lets ask the parents. The answer would be a resounding YES! It is healthy, it tastes amazing (yes, even moms use these as snacks with our cold coffee in the morning), and the price is fantastic! This is something that as a parent I feel good about putting into lunches, and also offering our neighborhood friends when they come over to play in the afternoons. I can feel good that I am offering them fruits that are 100% healthy for them! Real fruit, real juices, and honest to goodness taste! Whether you serve this as is, or put a handful of another treat with it, rest assured that you have a crowd pleaser, for even the pickiest eater in your house! Head over to your commissary and stock up today!! These prices are good through 30 September 2017!!