Aveeno sunscreen

Summer is here!! Well, technically down here in South Texas it has been here for a while.  One of our favorite summer activities is going down to the beach! We take of couple of road trips down do the coast during the summer so my little family can enjoy some fun in the some.  My […]

Okay – so I used to think allergy season was just that, a “season.”  However, I have come to the realization that in my house, allergies are year round. We dread cedar the most, but mold, elm, and oak all somehow make my family miserable as well. Luckily, my family always turns to what we trust, […]

How To Make Fruit Pizza

This fruit pizza recipe is not only fun to make, but is also kid-friendly! Make one for your next FRG meeting or party, or even just a simple, yet healthy, snack, that even the kids can help you make! This fruit pizza is semi-homemade, super simple, and looks AMAZING (see how pretty it looks)! Be […]

Control Fall Pollen with ALLEGRA

Fall is here! Unfortunately, that means so are the pollens. Down here in South Texas, allergies are my arch enemy! We have pretty much every pollen you can think of, and most days the range is ridiculously high. Lately, we have had nothing but steady rain and cooler temps. Well, with that brings even more […]

Strawberry, Almond Yogurt Smoothie

Who doesn’t love a delicious smoothie!? I know I do! Mornings are busy, and there are times that I need to drink my breakfast, rather than sitting down to something to eat. However, coffee does not always cover those hangry pangs in the morning. Yes, I said hangry. If you do not get a decent […]