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Delicious Eats for Back To School!

Sponsored by Tyson® Foods

Getting everyone ready for Back To School can be a huge hassle! Why add trying to find great eats to go along with it? As we prepare for the hustle and bustle of the school year, everyone from teachers to students are gearing up for another great year. Ensuring that there are meals and snacks that are ready for our families to enjoy is one aspect that we usually let lapse. It is not done on purpose, but there are always other more important things that tend to take the forefront in the Back To School rush.

Whether you start preparing as soon as the last school year let out, or are just getting started, we want to help make the process a little easier. Well, at least when it comes to food! There are some fabulous snacks and meals that we want to share with you. We want to give your little one a little extra fuel to power through their day and keep them smiling after the school day while they work on their homework.

Here are some of the great meal and snack options that you can find at your local commissary!

  •         Jimmy Dean® Frozen Breakfast –  this breakfast is a complete meal in less than three minutes! Great taste, and great quality help start a morning off right. Perfect for at the table, or on the go! You can choose from sandwiches or frozen breakfast bowls!
  •         Tyson® Chicken Nuggets – everyone loves nuggets! Serve with your favorite dipping sauce and enjoy a delicious easy to make snack! These nuggets can also be used for a meal. Just prepare, add your sides, and sit back and enjoy. These have 100% all natural ingredients (minimally processed and no artificial ingredients), so you are giving your family a balanced meal, made with all white meat chicken.
  •         State Fair® Corn Dogs – these are a huge favorite in our house! This is a great snack for when the kiddos first get home from school! Easy to make in the microwave or oven – and kids can heat them up themselves! These are a good source of protein as well, so you are fueling their bodies, while ensuring that snack time is filling and fun.
  •         Hillshire Farm® Lunch Meat – with no artificial preservatives or flavors, provide a yummy lunch every day! Your kids can have fun picking out their favorite lunch meats, and you can rest easy knowing that you are giving them a nutritious sandwich in their lunch pails. Fuel their brains and their day – no fuss, no mess!
  •         Tyson® Any’tizers® Snacks – this is another favorite in our household! These are delicious and easy snacks to have on hand, no matter what you are doing! From after school snacks to late night study sessions, these Tyson® Any’tizers Snacks can keep a tummy happy. Moms will love these, as they are made from all-natural products, and are a smart snack option for growing bodies!

See what Kate has to say about these tasty eats here:

Need additional ideas? Check out Hillshire® Snacking Small Plates or Tyson(R) Air Fried Chicken. All these items and more can be found at your local commissary! Check them out and stock up today! Don’t forget to check out the in-store coupon that is available! You can save $2.002 on purchase of any THREE (3) participating products!  These meals and snacks are options that you can feel good about! We all want the best for our families. Eat happy!