Holiday drinks with Sierra Mist

The holidays are right around the corner. One thing I enjoy trying during the holidays is different drinks and punches for get-togethers. Although this year will be different from the past I am still going to try my hand at a few drink recipes I’ve stumbled across featuring Sierra Mist. Sierra Mist is a crisp and refreshing Lemon-Lime soda. It is caffeine-free and so delicious as is but plays a great role as a base for drinks that the whole family can enjoy. These drink recipes are for the individual servings but can easily be converted into ┬ápunches.

Citrus Sunrise

Sierra Mist 8 oz.

Vanilla Flavor Syrup 1/2 oz.

Orange Juice 1/2 oz.

Pour in 4 oz of the Sierra Mist in a glass of ice, then add both the orange juice and vanilla flavor syrup. Add remaining 4 oz and of Sierra Mist and enjoy. If you are making these up to serve add orange slices to garnish.  This drink is tasty and festive!


Pommemgranate Cinnamon Mist

Sierra Mist 8oz

Cinnamon Flavor Syrup 1/2 oz

Pomegranate juice 2 oz or to you taste

Mix all ingredients and serve orver ice. This one has a real zing and gives all the holiday vibes.


These drinks are sure to make a great splash whether it’s at home with the your family or at a safe socially distanced event. And these recipes are sure to bring some holiday cheer this season.