Homemade Seashell Wind Chimes #MMSCraft

It’s been two weeks since we returned from the beach and I still miss it daily. One of the things we do every time we go to the beach is pick up sea shells. If I was more organized I’d have jars labeled with where each were picked. I’m not, so I have random bags here and there filled with seashells. Hey it is what it is right? 😉 This week’s #mmscraft is one that will alleviate my constant need to keep the bags of shells.

Let’s make homemade seashell wind chimes!

Wind chimes

The supplies are pretty easy and you can totally make your own by changing a couple things.

  • Large popsicle sticks
  • twine, yarn or thing rope
  • glue gun/glue sticks
  • sea shells or small pebbles (not something too heavy)
  • scissors

Let’s start by making the base, or what’s going to hold everything together. The popsicle stick base. Make two squares with the popsicle sticks and glue both squares then glue them together so they form a star looking shape. You can totally go on your own when it comes to adding the yarn or twine. We used twine because we thought it gave it a more “beachy” look.

As you can see I did two different styles on this wind chime. I wanted to show you two options. Tie the twine onto the popsicle sticks first then add a bit of glue to “seal the deal” if you know what I mean. I’m not an awesome knot tier so the glue gave me piece of mind. After you decide on how you want to get your “rope” onto the base it’s time to start adding seashells! *First off make sure your shells are clean and completely dry of sand or debris. You can always add sand at the end.

If you have shells and want to prepare them for the chimes, dip them in about a gallon of water with a cap full of bleach to clean them up. Depending on the amount of shells you have. Let them air dry and they are ready for you to store or craft with.

I chose to add about three to four shells per string of rope. I didn’t want it to be too clanky with the sounds nor too heavy. This worked perfectly for what I wanted.

How to make the hanger..

What I did was very simple. Tie two strings opposite of each other and gather in the middle. I was able to braid the strings together and make a loop. Since the chimes aren’t too heavy I’m hoping this will last. I tied and glued the rope for the loop.

Here’s another top view, so you can get an idea of how we made the hanger.

Wind Chime

If you make it to the beach this summer, make sure to grab some shells to make a wind chime of your own! Make sure to share your crafts with us using the #MMSCraft hash tag!

Happy Crafting!



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