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Make Wrapping Paper out of Commissary Paper Bags!

I’m keeping things simple this year for the Holidays:  with an upcoming move next year, and this dumpster fire of a year…I’m NOT going to complicate things, gift wrap included.

Since Covid-19 hit I am unable to use my reusable bags at the Commissary, as a safety precaution.   So now when I go and am asked  “Paper or Plastic?” I always choose paper, because I can recycle it!

However, the amount of paper bags I have accumulated this year is UNREAL!

So, as I was unloading my 100th bag of groceries, wondering what I am going to do with ALL THES PAPER BAGS, I had an AHA moment…. Wrapping Paper! Not only am I saving money on wrapping paper but I am also finding a great use for all these paper bags! WIN WIN!




All You Need:

Commissary Paper Bags




Sprigs of greenery(optional) I used some from bushes in my backyard.


Cut the side and bottom and lay flat, then start wrapping! When done use whatever ribbon or twine you have and make a bow. You can add gift tags (which you could also make from the paper bags) greenery, pinecones, or whatever you want!


You can also crumple and rub the paper together to get a “crackly” texture, like I did here:

So the next time you get the question “Paper or plastic?”

Answer, paper, and know you can cross off –get wrapping paper– off your list.


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