Make your own Sun!

That’s right ladies! It’s time to make your own sun! During the winter months, things can get a little snowy, a little cloudy and sometimes downright gloomy during winter months. Well, that shouldn’t stop you from continuously enjoying the holiday season and feeling great! Even though the colder weather has moved in, you can pretend its still summer! Turn your bathtub into a Jacuzzi and enjoy some downtime (and perhaps a margarita or two). Throw on your bathing suit, turn on some relaxing music or grab a book and sit back and relax! Stay-cation it might be, but summer will follow you all year long!

BIC is here to help you feeling fantastic with some fabulous deals on Soleil razors for women and hot deals for men razors! Ladies, get those legs smooth for your beautiful holiday dresses. Go into those holiday parties feeling gorgeous and super confident!

But men…let me let you in on a secret for December….your razors are HOT DEALS this month!! Not only are your ladies feeling beautiful and confident but you also can clean up your faces to hit the town! No Shave November is over, and the camera’s are fixing to come out at all fun events you will attend this month. Get that one of a kind shave, and step out with complete confidence.

With the holidays arriving, don’t forget that these make fantastic stocking stuffers! Stuff the stocking of the new shaver in your house, or stock up on these great deals for yourself!

Your local commissary has some pretty amazing deals going on each month with your favorite products, including BIC! This makes it super simple to make sure your bathrooms and guest bathrooms are fully stocked! That’s right, they are thinking of your out of town guests also! Friends and family coming in for the holidays, I usually keep extra tooth brushes, razors, travel lotion etc on hand for forgetful minds.


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