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Month Of The Military Child

Did you know April is Month of the Military Child?

Military kids a.k.a “brats” experience a lot throughout their childhood that  many civilian children do not.

As a former military child, turned military spouse,I can appreciate all that they go through, I  figured it is important to share some interesting  facts about military kids!*

-There are about 1.6 Million  children who are connected to the military today (DoD).

-Military children move  an average of  6-9 times  within their childhood. From the age of 0- 18 I moved about 10 times!!! Not to mention attended 18 schools…including college (Military Child Education Coalition).

-80% of military kids attend public schools and only 8% attend a Department of Defense School (MCEC).

-Military children are two times more likely to join the military when they are older. It definitely runs in the family!  Both my husband’s father and my father served…so my husband serves as does my brother (MCEC).

-Military children tend to struggle more emotionally as well as suffer from higher levels of anxiety and depression (We Are the Mighty).

-Military children tend to be more outgoing and independent (We Are the Mighty).

-Most military children have experienced at least one  parent being deployed (We Are the Mighty).

-Military children go through similar emotional struggles of children of divorced parents…when their parent is deployed (We Are the Mighty).


So let us celebrate our little troops, because they are truly amazing and resilient individuals!


Curious how to celebrate? Click here!


*These facts are taken from The Department of Defense, Military Child Education Coalition, and We Are The Mighty.





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