New Years Resolutions

Are you making your plans for New Years Resolutions? Many of us get carried away when we propose what we want to see in the New Year. We make resolutions that are hard to keep, and even harder to maintain. This year, try something new! Take a step back, see what goals you want to accomplish, and push for those. Don’t go overboard and make a million resolutions. Choose five. Five simple resolutions that you can work toward.

As I have been looking ahead at 2020, and trying to figure out where I want to be at the end of next year, I found it easier to narrow down the list of things that I want to see accomplished. Here are my top five for this coming year:

  1. Pay off ONE student loan
  2. Pay off two credit cards
  3. Get into better shape (hoping to shave five minutes off my run time)
  4. Eat healthier
  5. Declutter my house

Simple. Easy. Attainable. Make a plan. Write it out and put it where you can see it. I have already laid out the goals for each month and what I have to do see it through. I calculated what I needed to put on each card and the one student loan to see them paid off. They are laid out in my ledger, and ready for a jump start. Meal planning has been on the go, and new recipes are being hunted and printed off for future use. The gym is already in my daily cycle, but I looked at what I wanted to achieve, and researched some running programs that would help to shave that time off. Different exercises will help build muscles and stamina, and in short, help bring that run time down.

The declutter on the house is my big one. I have decided that I will go one room at a time. Find what I need, what we use and what we don’t. What has not been used/worn in over a year can be donated. I can get rid of the items that are just sitting. Of course, there are some sentimental items that will not be leaving the house, but some things that we hold onto, we do so with the idea that we can use them at some point in the future. Ask yourself, have I used it? Can I use it? Will I put it to good use? If you cannot think of how to incorporate it, get rid of it! I tend to hoard clothing with the thoughts of “I will get back into that.” I have been saying that for a while, so right now there is a huge pile of clothing just waiting for me to take to goodwill, for someone else to put to good use.

What are you goals going to be? Share them with us here!