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No Shave November

Have you heard of NO SHAVE November? I know we have! My husband is all over that! Cleans up his facial hair to military standards but keeps that mustache growing for November! I can’t hop on this train, I seriously cannot go a couple days without shaving my legs, so I’ll leave the NO SHAVE part to him!

The awesome thing is that BIC has us both covered!

With these fantastic deals you will find at your local commissary, the men participating in NO SHAVE November can keep that facial looking good and clean at all times AND for all of us that can’t go without shaving our legs can keep on shaving!

NOT only are these savings fantastic for daily use every month but they are perfect for your travel needs! So when traveling this holiday season, be sure to pick up a few packs of your favorite disposable BIC razors. OR, if you are hosting! It is nice to have extra toiletries around for friends and family coming to stay during the holiday season. I usually stock up the guest bathroom with extra toothbrushes, razors, lotion, toothpaste and baby wipes! I know I always fall victim to forgetting simple toiletry items.

Whether you are participating in fun things such as NO SHAVE November, traveling this holiday season, or hosting friends and families. BIC has you covered! Options for both men and women, as well as options for various skin types! Saving money AND covering each member of the family… WIN-WIN!!

Head over to your local commissary and save today!

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