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OREO Cakesters Are HERE!

Do you smell spring in the air? Flowers are blooming, trees are greener, and Easter is almost here. I love this time of year!

And what do I love even more than spring? Well, OREOs of course! Do you know how many blogs I have written about our family’s love for OREOs? The answer is at least half a dozen. With Easter here, I have been looking for new and different prizes for the Easter Bunny to bring in my little one’s baskets. Candy is always a hit, but we have so much leftover from Halloween, so I wanted more variety.

Then I found it.

OREO Cakesters!

This soft-baked twist on a classic is sure to be a huge hit in our household. Each box comes with 5 individually wrapped 2 packs which makes a great addition to my kids’ Easter baskets and even better for a snack for sports when we need individually wrapped options. I mean what could be better than a cake that tastes like our most loved cookie.

Cake, meet cookie. Cookie, meet cake. It’s like a match made in heaven. And you can trust the signature taste of OREO is baked into each and every delicious bite of cake and creamy filling that is perfect for any time, anywhere indulgence. I bought three boxes of these amazing snack cakes to make sure I have enough for all the Easter baskets and extra for myself! So be sure to head over to the Commissary and grab a box (or 2 or 3) of OREO Cakesters today!

Happy Easter from MyMilitarySavings.com and Nabisco.