Trumpet of the Swan – Week 3

This post may be sponsored by one of our awesome brand partners! And, if you haven’t already, join today! Serve, Save, Enjoy! Have you ever seen a Swan hold a job!? Louis worked through the summer as a camp counselor. While he was there, it was his job to wake up the boys at […]

Fun Friday Craft: Pin the Buckle Game

I absolutely love holiday crafts! St. Patrick’s Day is next week and if you are looking for a fun game to play with your family this Pin The Buckle game will have everyone laughing and having a great time.  Similar to the traditional “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game, when I found this kid friendly […]

Trumpet of the Swan – Week 2

Last week Sam discovered the Swans and their babies. Now the babies are big enough to start their migrations from Canada to Montana. The Swan parents have noticed that their youngest, Louis, does not speak at all, and they are concerned with the lack of communication, as young Swans find their mates through their calls.  Louis […]

Fun Friday Craft: My Lucky Charms Canvas

As infants we document little foot prints and maybe while their firs year of life. This week’s craft I wanted to do that again with my boys with a canvas and paint. And since it’s close to St. Patrick’s Day we added a little luck to it! That’s right we made and/or “attempted” to make […]

Trumpet of the Swan – Week 1

A Trumpeter Swan and her mate have created a nest with five eggs inside. Sam Beaver, a young boy who loves to be outdoors with his father has discovered this small nesting area, and is fascinated by it. He does not annoy the animals in any way, but leaves them alone and just watches what […]