Tortilla Soup #MeatlessMonday

Happy Monday to you! Hope you had a restful weekend and you are ready for the week! This week’s Kellogg’s brand MeatlessMonday recipe by MorningStar Farms is one that some would say, “Soup in the Summer?!” But I’m saying, YES, and here’s why! There’s so many ways to brighten up a Tortilla Soup for Summer! […]

Household Item Hacks #MMSHacks

Every Friday I bring you fun crafts you can do with your family. This week I wanted to change it up a bit with my ideas you can use at home! It’s all about reduce, reuse and recycle right? There are so many items we throw away without realizing the potential of giving it new […]

Bridge to Terabithia – Week Four

When Jess finds out that his best friend in the entire world has died, he shuts down. His reaction is the complete opposite of what anyone would have expected that no one really knows how to respond to him. At first he thinks that it is all a terrible dream, but reality soon sets in […]

The Count of Monte Cristo – Week Four

Well the circle has come to a full stop. The Count of Monte Cristo has determined to make his revenge known, and little by little, the men who had wronged him when he was young have fallen under his power. Danglars, Villefort, Caderousse, and more have fallen prey to the mysterious Count. As the numbers […]

Parent Pet Peeves…Aren’t They Splendid?

My Great-Grandma Taylor was a very strong woman.  The day after she gave birth to my Granny she went and pulled cotton in the field.  She put my Granny in a tote sack, or something they typically carried their babies in, and took her with her.  This is an amazing story of a woman trying to make […]