Picture Day and New Friends

Ok, so I don’t want to make this blog another emotional like the last one, but Zion told me something the other day that really made my heart sad. We were talking about how he’s doing in school and he was telling us about “center time”. For those of you that may not know, this is a time that kids get to choose an activity and learn by playing. Zion told us that he picked the kitchen and that he was making stuff and baking. We asked him who was in the center with him and who played with him. His response “nobody”. So then we asked where all the other kids were, like what centers they were at. He mumbled the centers they were at and then said “the other kids don’t play with me” and I had to hold back tears at the table. It doesn’t seem like a big deal because he is only 4, but my heart just broke right there and I thought to myself, this may be something we have to deal with for years to come.

Onto happier topics! Zion had picture day at school. I fixed his hair real nice, but there’s about a 10% chance that it actually stayed that way. I am wondering how his picture will come out. The last 2 he has had pretty good eye contact. So crossing my fingers that this will be another good. We also had this one at the house! I got to talk to his teacher and she showed me what he’s been doing in class. They have a chart of how high they can count and she said Zion always tells her he can count past 100 (which he can). Oh, he has also started speech services again. Although I was told he is doing well in speech, Zion tells me that he doesn’t like going to speech. I am not sure exactly the reason because he doesn’t tell me, but this worries me a little bit. Last time he didn’t want to do speech it was because he wasn’t fond of the therapist and so he just flat out refused. I am really hoping that this doesn’t become the case with this therapist.

We signed up for an Autism walk here in San Antonio. It is Oct 15th and we have about 15 people part of our team so far. We are getting some really cool shirts made and I can’t wait for them to be done. Zion is going to be so excited! He may not yet understand that he is a child with Autism, and in all honesty he may never ask. However, I do feel that one day, he may wonder about his quirks. I will gladly tell him anything he wants to know. I will let him know that his parents fought for his services and for his ability to be great no matter what. I sometimes worry about Zion and what his future independence is going to be like. Will he grow to be a typical teenager? Or will he depend us for help with the social aspects in life? These are all things that make you sit and wonder- they make you realize that the moment your baby was diagnosed with Autism, life would never be quiet the same.

We will see you in 2 weeks as we get closer to the date of our Autism walk! Oh we may also be adding another family member! And by that, I mean a dog, hehe. I don’t want to talk too much about and jinx it, so I will write about it in the next blog! Thank you so much for reading and watching!