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Stop Cold and Flu Season Quickly With These Meds!

Cold and Flu season is always a stressful season, but with the addition of Covid, the game has changed this year. Staying on top of your health and knowing the difference of symptoms can help determine which course of action to take. 

A recent coughing fit from a late summer cold left me gasping “not Covid” while I was at work. Robitussin has been my go-to cough suppressant for ages! Not only can it suppress your cough, but it goes to work to help clear those nasty germs that are causing the cough in the first place. 

We make sure that we keep Robitussin stocked in the house! From kids to older kids, it is the perfect solution to those Cold and cough symptoms. Knock out the cough, and get ready to enjoy the beautiful fall colors! 

When the Flu feels like it is making an appearance, we reach for Theraflu! While this is not advisable to give to younger children, for adults, it can make a difference in the duration of the illness. No one wants to get the Flu, so when those first symptoms appear – grab Theraflu for relief! It can also assist with those nasty fall and winter colds! 

Forget feeling miserable this year! Take advantage of these great savings at your local commissary, and stock up now! Don’t allow illness to keep you inside any longer this year! Visit the GSK page, and check out the hot deals that are currently available! Welcome fall with more cash in your pocket! 

Stay healthy this fall my friends!