Johnson and Johnson

Allergy sufferers! You know who you are! It is the time of year when the allergies are starting to come full circle again. As things begin to die off and new spores are released into the air, we find that we are suffering a little more than normal with those allergies. This year has been […]

Johnson and Johnson Rewards

There are so many things to love about Johnson & Johnson, and now they have given us another reason to like them even more! Now you can get rewarded for just buying the products that you already use! Amazing! When shopping at the local Exchange, there are so many fabulous items. But of course, we […]

Stocking Stuffer time!

Hey there moms and dads! You finish all of your Holiday shopping yet? Well, let’s be honest….I am not done yet, I do the shopping hahaha … and I am far from being done. I get to the point I procrastinate for stocking stuffers and get last minute candy. Seriously the AAFES  on Bragg saved […]

Beautiful skin with Aveeno!

Moms….. Dad’s… I have the hot deal for you this month!! This change of summer to fall weather can really take a toll on our skin and even more for the kids. I constantly wear lotion and dismiss itchy dry skin by grabbing more lotion but my kids don’t think of that. They complain of […]