Hey there moms and dads! You finish all of your Holiday shopping yet? Well, let’s be honest….I am not done yet, I do the shopping hahaha … and I am far from being done. I get to the point I procrastinate for stocking stuffers and get last minute candy. Seriously the AAFES  on Bragg saved […]

Moms….. Dad’s… I have the hot deal for you this month!! This change of summer to fall weather can really take a toll on our skin and even more for the kids. I constantly wear lotion and dismiss itchy dry skin by grabbing more lotion but my kids don’t think of that. They complain of […]

HOT DEALS with Pepsi!!

HOT DEALS WITH PEPSI! HOT DEALS WITH PEPSI! Like any mom, and me being a mom of 3, I absolutely love a great deal! Whether it’s during the school year or summer, if I can save some money, I am all over it! This month there are savings all over! Your local AAFES and NEX […]