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Johnson and Johnson Rewards

Get Rewarded from Johnson & Johnson

There are so many things to love about Johnson & Johnson, and now they have given us another reason to like them even more! Now you can get rewarded for just buying the products that you already use! Amazing! When shopping at the local Exchange, there are so many fabulous items. But of course, we love our Johnson & Johnson products!

As far back as I can remember, our home has been stocked with these items. When you have a trusted product, you stick with it. From kids to adults, these products are available to assure that all aspects of life are cared for. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Band-aids – when you have an active lifestyle or very energetic kids, then you know small boo-boos are a part of life. Having the trusted Band-aid brand to cover those scrapes allows for them to remain clean and heal properly. These are also perfect for additions to any first aid kit, or having a few stowed in the car or backpacks.
  • Listerine – Keep your breath smelling fresh and clean all day long! Listerine helps to kill bacteria and odor-causing particles in your mouth. Take a small bottle to work to keep in your desk for an after lunch refresh.
  • Pepcid – Heartburn is no joke. Don’t suffer from the uncomfortable after meal affects, pop a Pepcid and gain relief.
  • Lubriderm – now here is a lotion for everyone in the family! Keep skin feeling soft and luxurious though the entire year.
  • Tylenol – one of my top must-haves! From aches and pains after a workout, or headaches that threaten to blow into something much bigger, Tylenol has you covered! Knock out the pain, and get back to enjoying life faster.

Now, this is just a small sampling of the many products that Johnson & Johnson offers! From their baby line to products for the entire family, why not take advantage of getting the most for your money! Right now, through April 10, 2019, you can get rewarded just for buying your favorite Johnson & Johnson products! Read more to discover how you can get paid for buying your favorite items today!