The Light Between Oceans – Week Four

Tom is still in prison, sticking to his original story, that it was his idea entirely to keep the baby. He wants to protect Isabel as much as he can, but his loyalty comes with a price. His wife may be free, but he is looking at hard time for the crime. His lawyer has […]

The Light Between Oceans – Week Three

Tom is living in a dream. He loves Lucy and Isabel, but he knows that it cannot go on forever. He has a constant fear of being found out, or the child recognized as resembling Hannah of her husband more than himself or Isabel.┬áIsabel refuses to entertain any thoughts of letting Hannah know where her […]

The Light Between Oceans – Week Two

Isabel is depressed. She has been unable to bear a living child, and the last one was almost more than she could bear. Just when all hope seems to be lost, a miracle arrives on their little island. A boat washes up with two occupants, the body of a man, and a baby. The baby […]