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The Light Between Oceans – Week Four

Tom is still in prison, sticking to his original story, that it was his idea entirely to keep the baby. He wants to protect Isabel as much as he can, but his loyalty comes with a price. His wife may be free, but he is looking at hard time for the crime. His lawyer has tried convincing him to change his story and to tell the truth, but Tom refuses. The punishment is his alone to bear.

Isabel, however, is listless. She goes through spurts of tears and anger, but nothing is soothing her. She thinks of Tom and wonders about his past, who he really was, and if she really knew him as well as she thought she did. This betrayal is just to much for her to bear. He ripped her away from the only child she would ever have.

Hannah is still trying to get Grace (Lucy) to adjust, but she simply states her piece and then ignores Hannah as much as possible. Hannah tries to keep her patience with the child, but sometimes she snaps and then immediately is flushed with regret. How can she make her daughter understand that she loves her when she wont even give her a chance? Her sister Gwen suggests to her that she should let Grace see Isabel. It could help the healing process and make things easier for all of them. Hannah is outraged that the suggestion was even made. Before long, she finds out that behind her back Gwen has taken Grace to see Isabel. Hannah is angry at the betrayal, but also has to face some harder truths. Would it be easier to give the child back? She is determined to talk to Tom and find out the truth from him. The police are reluctant to let her in, but finally allow her a few moments to speak with him. She has to know whether her husband was already dead when they arrived on the Island or not.

Hannah goes to talk to Isabel and offers to give the child back to her, if she does not say anything to stop the prosecution of Tom going forward. Isabel is intrigued by the offer, but her love for Tom has been starting to break through the hardness that had overtaken her. As she ponders the situation over, she knows there is only one true choice to make.


With the trial and prison time long behind the both of them, the quiet life they have led has been healing to both of them, although Isabel has never fully recovered from the loss of Lucy. Their life together has been fulfilling, and although their time together is growing short, Tom has never stopped loving Isabel or tending to her needs. As she slips from the world after a battle with cancer, her last thoughts are on the little girl that captured their hearts so long ago. He has the cherished chest of treasures that Isabel has held on to, and the hopes that were attached to it as well. Just when he thinks the world is done with him, there is one huge surprise left…

This week we are reading Chapters 28-37


  1. Tom refuses to incriminate his wife, and is willing to pay the price entirely alone. Understanding Isabel was hurt and angry, why else do you think she let him sit so long on his own?
  2. Hannah wants the best for her child, as any mother would. Do you think you could consider giving her back to the only family she had known?
  3. Isabel finally comes clean to the police, but she never stopped missing her little girl. What did you think of the final gift she left for Lucy?




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