Johnny Tremain – Week 4

The time for peace is over. Something is fixing to happen in Boston and the entire city is holding its breath. As the Sons of the Revolution begin to gather more information, Johnny does his best to keep his ears open and listen for what might be happening out in town. When Dove begins to […]

Johnny Tremain – Week 2

With Johnny off the hook for the theft of the silver cup, the celebrations are in full swing. As he enjoys his freedom once again, things begin to turn for the better. He begins working in the print shop with Rab, and delivering the newspaper. He also begins to carry messages for the Sons of […]

Johnny Tremain – Week 1

Johnny Tremain is a young apprentice in the town of Boston. He works for Mr. Lapham and is very proud to be working for one of the finest silversmiths in the entire town. Johnny is one of the finest apprentices he has, and there are plans for the future for Johnny to eventually take over […]