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Johnny Tremain – Week 2

With Johnny off the hook for the theft of the silver cup, the celebrations are in full swing. As he enjoys his freedom once again, things begin to turn for the better. He begins working in the print shop with Rab, and delivering the newspaper. He also begins to carry messages for the Sons of Liberty. Since no written list exists, he must memorize the names and be able to give them the correct information when it comes along. Johnny shares the attic with Rab and quickly becomes a member of the family.

The sore spot in Boston is the tea that is coming in on the British ships. The tax that is being charged for the tea has many citizens up in arms. While the plotting continues in secret with the Sons of Liberty, the ships begin to arrive in the harbor. While the citizens allow some of the cargo to be unloaded, the tea must remain on the ship while the request to have it sent back to England awaits a decision from the governor. The townsmen however, have other ideas for the tea. The time is drawing near, and tensions are running high.

Johnny has had a bit of homesickness for the Lapham household, and he meets Cilla and Isannah on the way back to the printing shop. He finds that there have been some changes in the house since he has left. The girls are living with the Lyte’s. Isannah is the favored child, while Cilla is relegated to helper and servant. Johnny is fed up with the way that Isannah is acting and lashes out at her. But he finds an unexpected ally in one of the Lyte’s servants…

This week we are reading Chapters 5-7


  1. Why do you think Johnny refused to let the doctor see his hand?
  2. What do you think of the decision of Mrs. Lapham to let the girls go to the Lyte household?
  3. Johnny begins to change slowly, and so does his character. What do you see as the biggest reason for his growth?