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And Then There Were None – Week 2

With a mysterious death in the house, the guests are a bit shaken. But when a second death occurs within twelve hours, the house is in an uproar. Who would want two of the guests dead, and how did they do it? Each of the deaths follows a pattern, based off the nursery rhyme that has been hung in each of their rooms.

While each of the members of the household do their best to figure out who the mastermind is, some of them band together and begin a search of the island. Someone MUST be hiding along with the guests. The search turns up nothing, the question becomes, which one of them is responsible for the deaths. Process of elimination does not work, as they each could have had the time or opportunity to carry out the crimes, but how is one getting away with each one and not being caught.  When General MacArthur is murdered on the beach, the house once again begins to go through the questions again of who might have been responsible and how did they get away with it. When the judge begins to lay out the facts, they are undeniable. Any one of the guests COULD have killed him. With the allegations on the record still ringing in people’s minds, each has to wonder which one might be unhinged enough to want to kill the guests.  Rogers has pointed out that each time someone dies, one of the Indian figurines off the table goes missing. Someone is going to great lengths to recreate the entire rhyme, but why?

This week we are reading Chapters 5-9


  1. Why would someone want to kill based off a children’s rhyme?
  2. Each of the guests know that someone in the house is responsible. Based off what we have read so far, which guest do you think it is?
  3. Is there anyway to remove anyone from the list of suspects yet?