Boneman’s Daughters – Week 4

Bethany knows that her best chance of staying alive is to play to the BoneMan’s wishes. As she finds herself repulsed and fascinated by the man who has kidnapped her, she has so far managed to outlast any of the other young ladies who were kidnapped. But she is also afraid. Alvin Finch has told […]

Boneman’s Daughters – Week 3

Ryan Evans has gone from concerned father to murder suspect. He has not helped himself either by holding the five people in the room hostage while he makes his escape. However, people under emotional pressure do not always make the best decisions. But now he must elude not only the local police, but the FBI. […]

Boneman’s Daughters – Week 1

Good day dear readers! This book is going to start off with a bang, and keep the momentum right on going. Prepare for fast paced and engaging. I hope that ya’ll will enjoy this read!! I have not read this before, so its going to be a new and exciting adventure for all!!   Ryan […]