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Boneman’s Daughters – Week 1

Good day dear readers! This book is going to start off with a bang, and keep the momentum right on going. Prepare for fast paced and engaging. I hope that ya’ll will enjoy this read!! I have not read this before, so its going to be a new and exciting adventure for all!!


Ryan Evans is not your typical father. He has essentially abandoned his wife and daughter in pursuit of his own career. As he chases promotion and jobs from one corner of the world to the other, he does not think about the home life that he has left behind, one that he considers a huge mistake. Working in Iraq, on loan to the Army, he is working in intelligence. While he wraps his mind around the puzzles and fragments of information brought it, he thrusts to the side the fragments of puzzles left at home. But when his convoy is attacked, and Ryan taken captive, it will take every ounce of the defenses he has built up to withstand the mental attacks that his captors are throwing at him.

Meanwhile at home, his wife Celine has been seeing a string of different men, and his daughter is working for a modeling agency. While she does not approve of the life that her mother is leaving, she is still not sure that something with her father would be better. While she continues to hope for something better, she is not sure what might come of the new relationship that her mother has entangled herself in. But this new man is not just anyone, he is the District Attorney, and he has just been handed a case that everyone thought was closed. Now is has been re-opened and the defense is challenging the evidence that convicted the Boneman in the first place.

When Ryan manages to escape his captors, he must now face a review board to make sure that his mental stability is sane, and determine whether or not he is fit to return to duty. But he is not sure if he wants to continue in this war. The psychological games that he was put through did more to damage him than anything else he had seen previously. While he pushes to return home, one must wonder what he would be returning home to..

This week we are reading Chapters 1-9


  1. Do you think the way Ryan escaped could have been plausible?
  2. Do you think the way Bethany views her parents is typical of any teenager?
  3. What do you make Ryan’s wife? Does her character surprise you?