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The Ghost of Cutler Creek – Week 1

Allie Nichols is not quite ready for school to end for the year, but summer looms anyway. She is excited to keep Mr. Henry’s dog for a coupe of weeks while he is out of town, and even to make some healthy dog bones for Hoover to eat. But as they wind down the last few days of school, there is a surprise… a new student!! Who starts a new school two days before it ends? His name is L.J., but he does not seem friendly at all. He sits with his arms crossed, and escapes at the first opportunity. It seems he does not want to be there anymore than the rest of the class seems to want him there.

But Allie knows something else is going on. She has been having her dreams again, and then the smells and sensations… a new ghost needs her help! But why wont this ghost say anything? Allie must figure out how to get in touch with this ghost. But then her teacher asks her to do something over the summer.. he wants Allie and her friend Dub to try and get to know L.J. some more. Having no friends is rough, and he thinks that it will help the the young boy to settle into his new location.

As she tries to figure out who this ghost might be, Allie suddenly thinks it might be a dog! It would explain the sudden onset of allergies that her brother Michael is going through. He is highly allergic to dogs, but there is nothing in the house that might cause him such discomfort, or is there??

This week we are reading Chapters 1-5


  1. Allie seems to attract ghosts. As a normal kid, would this scare you?
  2. What did you think of Dub and Allie’s idea for making some money over the summer?
  3. Do you think Allie is on to something with the identity of the ghost?