Spice Cake Delight!

Fall is quickly rolling in, and that means its time to bring out the coffee!! Just kidding, I survive on coffee year round (bring on the coffee IV ya’ll), but fall means I can indulge more! Colder days, warmer drinks, and time spent chatting with friends indoors. But what to serve when you have friends […]

The Ghost of Cutler Creek – Week 1

Allie Nichols is not quite ready for school to end for the year, but summer looms anyway. She is excited to keep Mr. Henry’s dog for a coupe of weeks while he is out of town, and even to make some healthy dog bones for Hoover to eat. But as they wind down the last […]

DIY Crochet Dishrag

  Hello DIY-selfers and crafters! Every now and again I try to find something different to give someone as a house warming gift. There are only so many food baskets or cleaning buckets you can put together before they get boring and predictable. Everyone has a different style, and trying to find those perfect go-to’s can […]

All Quiet on the Western Front – Week 4

While guarding a small village that has been deserted, the small group of soldiers makes the most of what they find in their surrounding areas. Mattresses, food, and a decent nights sleep. But an added bonus just happens to wander by, in the form of two pigs. As they cook their food and prepare for […]

Treasure Island – Week 3

Jim is on his way back to the stockade, and the safety of the circle of friends that he has. Captain Smollett, the doctor, the squire and a couple of loyal deckhands. Once inside, they begin to prepare for the attack that they know will come eventually. As they work, Long John Silver comes by […]