Stocking Stuffer time!

Hey there moms and dads! You finish all of your Holiday shopping yet? Well, let’s be honest….I am not done yet, I do the shopping hahaha … and I am far from being done. I get to the point I procrastinate for stocking stuffers and get last minute candy. Seriously the AAFES  on Bragg saved […]

Beautiful You and Baby Too!

Hey, there fellow mommies and daddies! I am a mommy myself, of three littles….well not so little anymore sadly 🙁 All three took me on a different adventure. I have an 11-year-old girl in middle school now and she, of course, is going through a “too cool for school” age. An 8-year-old girl who is […]

Choose Gentle

Hi mommies and daddies!!!! Johnson & Johnson has been there for us with an array of products from  when we are pregnant until…. well present day! I still use some Johnson & Johnson baby lotions for my kids because their lotion and bath products have taken care of them since day one and and they love […]


It’s cold season folks!! That’s right, the weather has shifted, we are beginning to get a bit chillier, and what does that mean for a lot of us?? COLD and FLU season. BUT WAIT! The holidays are coming up! That is the worst, to be sick especially during the holidays. My favorite is Christmas but […]

Beautiful skin with Aveeno!

Moms….. Dad’s… I have the hot deal for you this month!! This change of summer to fall weather can really take a toll on our skin and even more for the kids. I constantly wear lotion and dismiss itchy dry skin by grabbing more lotion but my kids don’t think of that. They complain of […]