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Choose Gentle

Hi mommies and daddies!!!! Johnson & Johnson has been there for us with an array of products from  when we are pregnant until…. well present day! I still use some Johnson & Johnson baby lotions for my kids because their lotion and bath products have taken care of them since day one and and they love the intoxicating smell.

Can I tell you a secret? I have my own stash of Johnson & Johnson lotions, among some other products from them! There are times the air is so dry outside so my hands are super dry and tend to start peeling and J&J lotions are seriously a life saver! So….not only are their products gentle for my little ones but they are also gentle and perfect for me!! I even have my husband sneaking himself some from time to time 😉

Johnson & Johnson mission is to choose gentle. For over 125 years, they have gone by this mission, keeping all your little’s in mind, with products so gentle that they can be used at any stage in life. Keep an eye out for your favorite Johnson & Johnson products at your local Army and Air Force Exchange. The same gentle touch with a new and improved product!

J&J is constantly learning all about baby skin needs. Now, they have combined their latest clinical research with their ever growing love for babies, beating the top safety standards in the world.  New product means revamp in ingredients. The J&J products you know and love now have reduced the number of ingredients by 50%. A simpler, gentler products with no parabens, no phthalates, and no sulfates.

For ongoing savings with Johnson & Johnson at your local AAFES, visit us at J&J AAFES