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Say NO to Heartburn and Indigestion

Who has time for discomfort? NO ONE! Not one person has time to deal with heartburn, and when you add indigestion on top of it, the pain can be unbearable. As someone who frequently suffers from some of these symptoms, quick relief is always needed. Mine usually chooses to present when I head to bed for the night. There is something about laying down that can cause heartburn and indigestion to both rear their ugly heads. I have tried cutting out certain foods, not eating an hour or more before bed to no avail.

When it comes to sleep, especially if you are a parent, you know there is no playing. Our bodies need rest to function properly, as well as being able to maintain our active lifestyles. There are some days that after being awake for hours with heartburn and indigestion, that I feel accomplished for keeping tiny humans alive the next day! Now, I hate feeling like I am dragging, so I decided to try some Pepcid and see if that would help alleviate any of the discomforts that I was having at night! After the first night, it was a dream come true! I took the Pepcid and followed it with a glass of milk, and then went to bed for the night. NO HEARTBURN!

Y’all have got to try this! Right now, at your local NEX, you can get Pepcid products at a special price! They are running a 10% off special all month long! Just in time for all the holiday yumminess heading our way!

Pepcid can help relieve symptoms for:

  • Ulcers
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease  (many times referenced as GERD)
  • Heartburn caused by acid indigestion

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