So it’s that time again. My housing community is filled with extra bulk “trash” at the curb each Monday and tons of moving trucks in driveways. It’s kind of a normal scene for our family. At the end of this month, we will have moved 6 times in the last 7 years. You may think, […]

New School After PCS…Her Story

                                                                  P.C.S, or Permanent Change of Station, happens more frequently to some rather than others.  In my case we have moved three times in […]

PCS Orders and Owning Property

Have you ever heard of the curse on buying property while in the military? I had never heard of it until a few days ago. But the legend goes that as soon as you buy a home, you will come down on orders within the next 2 years. We got to Fort Bragg, NC, in […]