You know you’re getting old when your Christmas wish-list consists of pajamas, house shoes, and wine- HAHA! That’s certainly what my list looks like this year! And, actually, a handful of my friends have gotten together and decided to do gift exchanges and… 7 out of the 10 asked for wine as well!!! What are […]

Build This TOY GUITAR With A Recycled RITZ Box!

Summer break tends to bring out the creativeness in all of us, doesn’t it? Trying to keep these kids busy for two solid months can be quite the challenge… and I don’t mean necessarily entertaining them all the while, but providing the resources to let their imaginations soar. I recently read an article (find it […]

Classy DIY Cat Collars For Under $5!

Yeah, that’s my Bruno Baby. <3 How handsome is he!? I have two fur children but Bruno was my first and is dearest to my heart. I guess you can say he is somewhat of a therapy cat… The locals here in NY refer to this thing called “seasonal depression” because of poor weather over […]