So… Wine Sweaters Are The New Thing!

You know you’re getting old when your Christmas wish-list consists of pajamas, house shoes, and wine- HAHA! That’s certainly what my list looks like this year! And, actually, a handful of my friends have gotten together and decided to do gift exchanges and… 7 out of the 10 asked for wine as well!!! What are the chances!? Apparently chardonnay and shiraz are really popular this year…

But wine can be fun, right? I think it’s a great gift idea; certainly much better than boring gift cards. I wanted a way to jazz it up a bit though so I wouldn’t have to hand it over in some tall, skinny bag. (Lame.) So the new, popular thing second runner-up to teeny dog sweaters is teeny wine bottle sweaters! If you didn’t know, now ya do! Annnd it’s a great way to repurpose those old sweaters you haven’t worn in ages that are wrinkled and shoved in the corner of your closet. So if wine is on your to-buy list this holiday season, here’s how you should gift it!!

What you need:


  • Wine. Duh.
  • The sleeves of an old sweater. 1 sleeve = 1 wine sweater
  • Hot glue gun
  • Embellishments such as twine, ribbon, bows, buttons, berries, etc.

Step 1) To start, cut the sleeve off of a sweater in a straight line.


Step 2) Place wine bottle inside of sleeve to measure how much length you may need to remove. Fold cuff of sweater over, if desired. Trim off excess fabric by bottom of wine bottle, leaving about an inch that you will fold over and glue shut.


Step 3) Using hot glue gun, seal edges of sweater at the bottom of wine bottle.


Step 4) Use hot glue gun to add decorations to your sweater. I chose a twine bow and buttons on one bottle and a red ribbon and poinsettia flowers on the other!


Step 5) Put on display or give to your loved ones!

Really easy and fun to make, right? And no-sewing required – even better!! How many old sweaters do you have that you’ve forgotten about? I’d love to see your creations below!!