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Fuzzy Four Leaf Clover Craft Ideas

Are you feeling lucky? I’ve got a cute craft that will get you ready for St. Patrick’s Day! 
This craft is super easy and very versatile.
Here’s what you’ll need:
4 Green pompoms
Glue gun and sticks
Green pipe cleaner
Popsicle sticks
Green map colors or markers  
Add magnet, a bobby pin and a safety pin to this list. The ideas are always coming and they didn’t make the pictures. 
Here’s how you turn the pompoms into a
Fuzzy Four Leaf Clover


Super easy right? Now we can start getting crafty! 
One of the things we did while we were working on the craft was an Irish limerick! I actually wanted my son to come up with a limerick to write onto the popsicle stick. 
a Limerick is a funny five sentence poem. 
We tried to add a limerick to the stick, but it didn’t work out.  You can add a cute, : Luck of the Irish to you! 
After you add the tail of the clover you can: 
-glue on the magnet for your fridge 
-glue onto the popsicle stick to make a bookmark or plant marker 
-glue onto a headband or bobby pin
-glue onto a safety pin to wear on St. Patrick’s Day in case you forgot your green
-make a loop out of another piece of pipe cleaner and loop into your shoelaces
-make multiple clovers and glue them onto a plant pot

My crafts are meant to versatile. You can always use the main part of the craft and make the rest your own way. 
Hope you enjoy this week’s Fun Friday Craft! March is Crafting Month so I’ll have some fun crafts you can display and show your love of crafting!

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