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DIY NYE Poppers

Lets welcome 2022 with a POP!

Not the champagne type of  POP!

Although, it wouldn’t be New Years Eve without a bit of bubbly 😉

Celebrate with  DIY confetti poppers! The kids will have a blast making AND using them.

So grab all the empty toilet paper rolls lying around and lets get popping!

What You Need:

-Toilet paper rolls


-Confetti (you can make your own just cut up small pieces of paper)

– Things to decorate your toilet paper rolls with ( markers, paint, wrapping paper, etc…)


  1. Tie The deflated balloon like you normally would
  2. Then Cut the top of the balloon off
  3. Wrap the cut  half of the balloon over one side of  the toilet paper roll (tie the bottom)
  4. Tape the edges of the balloon over the tp roll
  5. Decorate the toilet paper roll, if you desire ( I covered mine with wrapping paper.) I cover over the balloon for a cleaner look.
  6. Put confetti into the  open side of the tube, so it lays into the balloon side.
  7. Pull the tied portion of the balloon down,  let go and POP!

Wishing You A Very “Popping” 2022!!! 





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