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Chocolate Making with Pepsi

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. This sweet treat is sure to make anyone smile, and the taste of Pepsi gives these a unique flavor. All you’ll need is a bottle of Pepsi and some melting chocolates or chocolate chips. You can use any type of chocolate, white, dark or milk. I went with milk chocolate.

Add a cup of the chocolate to a microwave safe bowl. Then add half a cup of Pepsi or more if you just really want an intense Pepsi flavor.

Put your bowl in the microwave and warm for 1-minute increments stirring after each minute. Keep doing this until your mixture is nice and smooth.

Next you have a few options. You can use this melted Pepsi chocolate to dip strawberries, or other fruit into.  Or you can do as I did, and pour the mixture into a mold to set.

If you do the molds, place it in the freezer to harden. I left mine overnight.  They need to set for about 6 hours or less depending on the thickness.

Once set pop them out and serve!

These chocolates are so yummy and a nice treat that can be molded into all types of shapes. The Pepsi adds a depth of flavor that is new and welcomed. If not for Valentine’s Day give these treats a try for any day you have a chocolate craving with a Pepsi twist. Just keep them in the freezer for when that day comes.