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Bunny Garland From Commissary Paper Bags

Christmastime I made a blog about how to use Commissary paper bags as wrapping paper, which you can check out here. Now that Spring is in the air, I wanted a creative way to reuse commissary paper bags, and I came up with this cute bunny garland 🙂


These little bunny behinds are so cute, easy and inexpensive to make!

What You Need:

-Commissary paper bags OR brown paper lunch  bags

-This Bunny template

-Twine or string

-Cotton balls

-Tape or glue


-Hole punch


Print out template, cut out and use  to trace onto the paper bags.

 Trace as many you want on your garland and then cut out!

Grab your cotton balls and either glue or tape the cotton balls onto the  bottoms.

Then use a hole puncher and punch a whole on the top of each bunny ear, and thread the twine though to make it a garland 🙂

And now you have a cute little bunny garland, that is perfect for Springtime!


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